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People are the color of Technology


Youngsource is a company that was born in the technological ecosystem of the electronics industry in the Aveiro region. Created by the need for support from companies in the electronics sector and strongly influenced by the technological and innovative nature of this sector, it brought together a group of experienced professionals with creative capacity to create solutions for the day-to-day challenges and problems of your business.


What we do

The purpose of this project is to support your business model in a customized way in the areas in which our know-how can bring added value to companies in the technology area. Companies in this very competitive and investment-intensive sector, in their day-to-day lives, face specific challenges for which they need extraordinary support that they cannot obtain from their structure.​

yes, we do!

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,a young company made from experient people with simple solutions.


Partner specialized in the Electronic Industry sector​



Financial, accounting, economic and technological assessment, study of options, feasibility.​


Finance and Accouting

Financial and asset assessment, audit, tax benefits and financial incentives, study of treasury solutions.​

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Preparation of content and studies.​


Human Resources

Outsourcing of professionals in the electronics field.​


Flexible Ideas,
Balanced Solutions.​

Each business was born with an identity and the characteristics of the people who made its creation possible, the objective of this project is to understand the identity and propose balanced solutions. Our experience tells us that replicating standard solutions solves organizational problems, but destroys the culture and creative capacity for added value of the people who make the difference in the organization.​​

“Software and hardware have a short life span, content can live forever. They adapt to the evolution of technology.”​

Steve Jobs

"There are three types of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics."​
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Mark Twain

"You'll never find rainbows if you're looking down."​

Charlie Chaplin

"I advise you to look as a partner in business, a partner in life, whatever it may be, look for people who really are examples for you, rather than someone you need."​

Warren Buffet

Regardless of the complexity of the business, Profit will always be the simple mathematical ratio between income and expenses. Whether it is a multinational or traditional business. Whether you use an abacus or excel.​

Experienced people,
Simple Solutions​ ​​

During our experience of supporting the management of sectors subject to constant uncertainty and imminent obsolescence, we have been required to have a constant ability to create management solutions for the various problems that an organization faces in this business context, from treasury, accounting, human resources, taxation, investment and others.​

Abacus clássico

Economy and Technology​

The technological trap is a constant in companies, both in terms of organization and investment. The feasibility of technological investment is a fact tailored to each organization and each business. Create profitability and preserve values.​

A team
with a different perspective,
focused on the same horizon.​

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